Dixie at Drew

Richard Walker was a graduate of Drew University in 1944. He completed his BA in history and political science and received his diploma while serving in World War II. During his time at Drew, Walker was an active and well-liked member of the Brothers College community and worked hard to involve himself in all aspects of campus life. He was a member of two honor societies: Sigma Phi and Pi Gamma Mu. Walker was also heavily involved in the college outside of the classroom. He played violin in the orchestra, helped establish the fencing team, and worked as manager of the baseball team. It was this last role that led to his nickname “Dixie” while at Drew. The nickname was inspired by Brooklyn Dodgers player, Fred “Dixie” Walker, who was active during Walker’s time at Drew. The nickname stuck throughout Walker’s lifetime, even during his time as Ambassador. Items in this case highlight Walker’s time at Drew and show both his academic and extracurricular achievements. It includes his admissions test results, which showed a poor result for language aptitude—a surprising result for a man who would go on to master Chinese and Korean languages!


Brother's College Rating Scale



Brothers College General Rating Scale for Richard L. Walker, 1941-42 academic year. 

Sigma Phi



Membership certificate of Richard L. Walker for Sigma Phi Scholastic Honor Society of Brothers College, March 4, 1943.

Phi Gamma Mu



Membership certificate of Richard L. Walker for Pi Gamma Mu National Social Science Honor Society, March 31, 1942.

Sports 1943




Sports newsletter from 1943, citing “Dixie” Walker’s efforts on behalf of the Drew University Fencing Team.

Diploma from Drew University



Bachelor of Arts diploma of Richard L. Walker from Drew University, October 19, 1944.

Dixie at Drew