Student Life

Student Life

Photographs in this case shed light on the lives of Drew students outside of the classroom.  Taking to heart the University’s motto, “Freely ye have received, freely give’, Drew students have gained knowledge and experience from all corners of the world and put it to good use by giving back.  The photograph of the ‘Forest’ Quartette in the center is evidence of something precious: friendships formed in this community that can last a lifetime and – through our preserved records – beyond.

UN Semester Photograph, 1960


Photograph of UN Semester students outside UN building, 1960s. 

UN Semester Photograph, 1990s


Photograph of Students inside the UN Security Council Chamber, c. 2000. 

London Semester, 1967


Photograph of London Semester students preparing to board their Air Italia flight, 1967.


London Semester, c. 1995


Photograph of London Semester students, c. 1995.

Drew Students on Wall Street


Photograph of Wall Street Semester students at the New York Stock Exchange, c. 1995.

Forest Quartette


Photograph of the Drew “Forest” Quartette, 1888-1891.

Student Life