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Bronze medal with relief bust of Byron from left profile, after Thomas Phillips's portrait of Byron in Albanian dress, "Portrait of a nobleman in the dress of an Albanian."

Mixed media sculpture of Byron based off George Sander's 1807 painting of Lord Byron.

Two objects and Three explanatory notes, One in the hand of John (Jock) Murray (dated July 29, 1988) and two in the hand of Leslie Marchand, set within a frame. Includes: strands of Byron's hair (1807) formerly in the Pigot of Elizabeth Pigot and…

Photographic print of Philips's 1814 portrait of Byron in Albanian dress.

Engraved from the original picture in the possession of John Cam Hobhouse Esquire M.P. to whom this plate is respectfully dedicated. The depicted George Gordon, 6th Lord Byron (1788-1824) at age 19 and his page or servant Robert Rushton.

Reproduction of an oil painting depicting Lord Byron pledging freedom for Greece by the tomb of Marcos Botzaris, a chieftain of the Souliotes, who died in 1823 and became a hero of the Greek War for Independence. A version of this painting is in the…

This plaster cast shows Lord Byron’s right hand and wrist, resting. An intaglio ring is shown on the little finger. Handwritten in pencil on the underside of the cast is: “Lord Byron’s hand” “From British Museum original (1909)”
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