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Fragments and partially complete, green-tinted, rounded bottom glass bottles. One basal fragment is approximately 5.5 centimeters wide from one side of the bottle to the other. The glass is approximately 1 cm thick. No markings are visible.
The top half of the jar is missing, and the condition overall is damaged. On the bottom of the jar however, the maker's mark of the company was preserved and is clearly visible.
Top, neck and partial body of clear glass bottle with embossed emblem of Wayne County Produce Co. Directly underneath partial letting “Trade M”. Underneath is a semi-circle of alternating an dinterlaced stylized horseshoes and a motif of a petal…
Dark brown complete glass bottle. Symbol on the front of the bottle is of a glass containing beer. The bottle lettering reads “G. Krueger BWG Co. Brewery Bottling of Newark, New Jersey”. The bottle has a long neck, shoulder, and a body. The…
The artefact is fragmentary as it is the bottom of a glass bottle. The square bottom is intact and shows embossed letters spelling: WM A SELSER. The biggest side piece is a corner with the side bearing two embossed letters: AR. The average glass…
Glass bottle with “B.M. Dickinson Chatham, N.J.” embossed in a circle on the front. Dimensions: 7 inches high, 3 inches base width, 1 3/4 inch across bore.
- 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm (chipped)
- Fragmentary, only the base (including maker’s mark) remains. Maker's mark on base reads ARMOUR & CO PACKERS CHICAGO.
Also see DUPRS_0001
Basal fragment of a milk glass jar. Maker's mark on base reads ARMOUR & CO PACKERS CHICAGO. Dimensions of fragment - 6 cm x 5 cm (broken) Color and Form: White milk glass with a slight lip at the top
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