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Historic photograph from the Chatham Historic Society of the Page Felt Mill c. 1890
This postcard in the public domain is for sale on ebay. It is entitled "Old Mill, Chatham, NJ" and it is postmarked 1911.

This object stands at about 2 3/4 inches tall with a 3 inch diameter. It is earthenware pottery and is an off-white color with a shiny glaze finish. The outside is mostly smooth with vertical ridges that create a pattern, while the inside is…
Top, neck and partial body of clear glass bottle with embossed emblem of Wayne County Produce Co. Directly underneath partial letting “Trade M”. Underneath is a semi-circle of alternating an dinterlaced stylized horseshoes and a motif of a petal…

The bottle is ceramic which appears wheel thrown due to streak marks and cut base. Brown outside probably from a sort of glaze. Base is 9 cm in diameter, equal to about 3.5 inches. Stamp-marked with the following label: Vitreous Stone Bottle; J…

This collection includes:
-13 metal suspender buckles and adjusters in various sizes, shapes, and designs
-22 metal pieces composed of 2 connected pieces featuring a hole in the center on the end
-4 small rings pieces that fit through the above…

Multiple pieces of felt, of different sizes and shapes, covered with black tar on both sides of most, and with little gravel pebbles only on one side of some. A few of the pieces seem to have been melted, possibly in a fire.
2 small metal shank buttons, about 1.5cm wide each
Both are corroded but contain raised images of an eagle, an anchor, rope, and five-point stars
One is flat and the other is convex
1 metal shank button with an image of an anchor in the center,…
Over 20 pieces of metal corset slots/pegs from corset busks. Oval-like shapes with an opening in the center and 2 raised bumps/circles on the corners of the opposite end. Some vary in size and shape, with rectangular fragments attached to the back…

Large felt hat, what looks to be a beret
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