Illyricus to Wesley

Liber precum publicorum… [Book of public prayers = Book of Common Prayer]

Church of England

Liber precum publicorum… [Book of public prayers = Book of Common Prayer]. London: T. Vautrollerius, 1574.

Essential to liturgical developments in the English Reformation was the Book of Common Prayer, first printed in 1549. Displayed here is the 1574 edition of Walter Haddon's rather free translation into Latin. The marginal note indicates that James I had succeeded Elizabeth as monarch, and the prayer has been altered to reflect James's ascension to the throne. This book comes from Drew’s extensive collection of prayer books that date from the 16th century.

Principles of a Methodist

John Wesley

Principles of a Methodist. 2nd ed. Bristol: Felix Farley, 1746.

No exhibit on the Reformation at Drew could overlook Wesley and Methodism. Although an 18th-century movement, Methodism can trace its theological roots to 16th-century controversies, such as the controversy around Arminius and predestination. On display here is an early statement of Methodist principles by the movement's founder, John Wesley. This is but one small example of Drew's preeminent Methodist holdings.

Illyricus to Wesley