History of Christianity in Korea

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History of Christianity in Korea


How do we narrate the history of Christianity in Korea in accessible, relevant, and meaningful ways for the Drew community, the public, the church, and ourselves? This course is an attempt to answer this question through digital storytelling methodology. To be specific, this course has two aims: (1) introducing students to historical foundations of diverse branches of Korean Christianity, and the relationship between the religion, politics (both domestic and transnational), and gender; (2) utilizing digital storytelling methods to make archival sources and historical facts accessible to the students and public. Students will have an opportunity to evaluate the role of Christianity in the modern South Korean nation-state and contemporary Korean diaspora in the context of world Christianity. As a culminating activity, all students will produce a collaborative digital storytelling portfolio on their selected topic on Korean Christian history.

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Korea mission photos
Board of Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church , “Mission Photograph Album - Korea #5 page 0234,” UMC Digital Galleries, accessed February 28, 2023, https://catalog.gcah.org/omeka/items/show/11075.

Henry Gerhard Appenzeller
Henry Gerhard Appenzeller
Born February 6, 1858
Souderton, Pennsylvania, US
Died June 11, 1902 (aged 44)
South Korea
Occupation Methodist missionary who introduced…

Board of Bible Translators
Board of Bible Translators, circa 1896. Horace Underwood, first row, second from left; William Reynolds, far left. (Courtesy of the Presbyterian Historical Society)

Getting Acquainted with Korea: Korean Snapshots
Pamphlet of Korea Methodist News Service, 1934.

Buddhist Prayer Bids Print Translation
19th Century Korean popular Buddhist Prayer Bid iconography translated by Eli Barr Landis

Journal of the Third Annual Meeting of the Siberia Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South
Pictures of American missionaries, Korean superintendents, Korean church leaders, and the Korean Vladivostok church

A Sculpture, “Baptism on Shipboard”
The sculpture of baptism on the shipboard represents how early Korean Christianity in Ganghwado was formed. At that time, many Koreans and royal families had an extremely exclusive policy and antagonistic attitudes towards Christianity associated…

Spring 2023 Drew Theological School History of Christianity in Korea students and professor
Ahn, Jong-Min/Kim, Pyoungkang/Kim, Yeeun/Lee, Min/Lee, Prumeh E./Leonard, Leksmana / Moon, Sungho/ Rho, Jinseok/Ryu, Eun Hyeong/ Noh, Minjung

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