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ms pak imprisoned 133 days.jpg
82494 Miss Pak, graduate of Ewha School, Korea 133 days in prison as a result of Korean declaration of Independence from March 1919.

hellen kim map.jpg
Dr. Hellen Kim (1899-1970) pointing at a map

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C8640 Music students enjoying the campus. Ewha College. Seoul, Korea.

Storytelling workshop
THST 583 Storytelling workshop material

History of Christianity in Korea_ Making History Accessible through Digital Storytelling.docx
History of Christianity in Korea: Making History Accessible through Digital Storytelling

THST 583 students at UMC archive

A Korean Deaconess in America.jpg
A Korean woman with short hair smiling at the camera.

archive inside.jpeg
Students are exploring the archival material at Drew United Methodist Archive

Rev. Dr. Hoojung Lee, president and professor of church history in Methodist Theological University (MTU) in Seoul, South Korea on the left. Rev. Dr. Edwin Aponte, Dean of the Drew Theological School on the right. Center is the statue of Appenzeller.

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