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Convent 1.png
A postcard sent to Monique from her youngest sister, Simone, when she stayed at a convent after the war. Simone marked an "x" to show Monique where she slept. It is unknown how long she stayed at the convent, possibly until the age of 6.

Marseille Port.png
A photograph of the "customs canal" in Marseille where Monique's father, Jules, worked as a ship chandler and owned a shop. When the Nazis invaded France, it was taken from him for "Aryanization."

Monique 1.jpg
Monique, pictured with her parents as a young child before the war.

Monique 2.jpg
Monique, pictured as a young child and with her pet dog at the age of 6.

Monique Sisters.jpg
Michline (left) and Simone (in a carriage) sit with Monique.

Monique Letter.png
The letter Jules and Valentine wrote to Monique and her grandmother informed the family of the situation at Drancy and their impending deportation to Auschwitz. A "charitable person" delivered the letter to Monique's grandmother.

Outside Convent.png
The postcard sent to Monique from her youngest sister, Simone, showed the outside of the convent where she resided, possibly until the age of 6.

A magazine honoring female volunteers of the Israeli Army during the Independence War featured Monique on the cover.

Monique w. family.png
Monique (front and center in a black blazer) with her family, where she was honored at West Point for her volunteer efforts in the Israeli Independence War.

The Polish Underground gave Selma a gold and ebony inlaid cross when Samuel (her father) first sought false papers in hopes of disguising her. Their first attempt to receive false papers failed, and Lina (her mother) wisely used the money to purchase…
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