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England Bombings WWII.png
Map showing the bombings directed at England during World War II by the Nazis.

Inside Synagogue .jpeg
Pictured are the exterior and interior of the Złoczów synagogue before World War I and II. The synagogue was located far from the center of town.

The Drancy camp was a multistory complex that imprisoned and deported a majority of Jews from France. The U-shaped building was initially built in the 1930s as a housing project. Approximately 70,000 prisoners passed through Drancy between August…

Heinz Getrider 3 yr old.jpg
Photograph One: Heinz at the age of 3
Photograph Two: Heinz with his sister Margot during Christmas, 1932
Photograph Three: Heinz with Anita's grandmother, the last known photograph of him.
Tragically, Heinz was murdered by the Nazis and their…

Susi Spitzer (cousin).jpeg
Zuzana (Susi) Spitzer was born March 6, 1931 in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia. She was deported to Theresienstadt (Terezin) with her parents Gretle née Buchsbaum and Hugo Spitzer on September 30, 1942. All three died on October 5, 1942, at the Treblinka…

Heinz Dreifuss b. March 21, 1923, Mannheim, Germany Arrived to U.S. on July 26, 1938.png
Heinz Dreifuss, born March 21, 1923, in Mannheim, Germany, escaped to the United States on the Veendam steamship on July 26, 1938. He returned to Germany as part of the American Army, experienced D-Day, Battle of the Bulge, and liberated one…

Klagenfurt Photos Doris_10.jpg
Doris Schneider with her cousin Otto Zeichner. Otto died at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp on August 11, 1942. Doris escaped to England in December of 1938 with her mother, following her father after the events of Kristallnacht.

Klagenfurt Photos Doris_9.jpg
Doris with her parents, Gertrude and Julius, in 1938, shortly before fleeing to England.
Doris with her mother in Austria circa 1936.

Klagenfurt Photos Doris_11.jpg
Doris was holding her doll (pictured) when the Nazis entered her family's apartment flat during Kristallnacht. One Nazi swung an axe at Doris, but the doll head received the brunt of the impact, shattering it. Gertrude replaced the doll's head in…

Doris Passport 3.jpg
In December 1938, Doris received a passport, issued by the Third Reich, so she and her mother could join her father in England. The Nazis stamped the letter “J” for Jude (Jew) (not pictured) on the first page of the passport.
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