September 1976

 Analog Science Fiction Science Fact, September 1976

Analog Science Fiction Science Fact, “ Analog Science Fiction Science Fact, September 1976,” Drew University Library Special Collections

In the September 1976 edition of Analog Science Fiction Science, the item that is advertised for sale is a Monocular. A monocular is a one-lensed version of a binocular, the price for the item is $14.95. The ad is printed in black and white and is less detailed than other advertisements in decades past. The features of the ad include bold brief text that describes the item. This brief description includes: what the price is, how the monocular is currently on sale, and what the item is. Below this brief description is a more detailed description of the item. However, this detailed description feels less like a description and more like a sales pitch. One of the first things that one sees when looking at the description, is the details of what the product is and what its specifications of it are. These include the weight of the item in and the dimensions of the item. After the specifications, the ad details all of the uses of the monocular such as who should buy the monocular, they list “bird-watchers and racing fans” as those who should buy it, demonstrating that perhaps the company expected some overlap with readers of the magazine. What makes this one different from the previous ads is that it actually has a phone number for it to call the creator of the advertisement. It also includes a small advertisement for a catalog including more items that the company offers. According to the mailing slip to purchase the item the company is The Edmund Scientific company which is headquartered in Barrington, New Jersey.