August 1966

Analog Science Fiction Science Fact, August 1966<br />

Analog Science Fiction Science Fact, “Analog Science Fiction Science Fact, August 1966,” Drew University Library Special Collections

In the August 1966 edition of Analog Science Fiction Science Fact this page featured “Amazing Optical Buys” which was advertising a variety of gadgets for sale from Edmund Scientific Company in Barrington, New Jersey. The advertisement is printed in black and white, this page features ads for 11 items, with 8 of them featuring small pictures of the items next to their descriptions and their prices. The items range from a 3” astronomical telescope to wooden solid puzzles, and even what is referred to in the advertisement as a working model digital computer. The descriptions of the items being advertised feature short phrases and taglines to hopefully persuade the readers to purchase. One of the items, the “Fish With A War Surplus Magnet” is described as being a “Great idea!” and “ Fascinating fun”. The creator of the advertisement uses simple phrases to catch readers' attention. Rather than focusing on the readers being men, these advertisements seem to be focused on the possible interest a person reading a science fiction magazine might have, in this case, science and technology. The tagline at the top reading “ Keep pace with space age! See manned moon shots, space flight, close-up!”, shows that these items are being targeted to people who have an interest in space and science. The advertiser in this case possibly saw the readers of Analog Science Fiction Science Fact as people who were interested in science and space and would purchase items related to those things.