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The proliferation
People celebrating fathers day. On the other hand are ladies and gentlemen doing their things.

Campo di Fiori
Campo di Fiori is one of squares in Rome. In the pictures, there are people being exploited and the place is shown to be busy.

Christmas at Ziggies
People enjoying at Ziggies

Aldgate East
Aldgate East a tubestation in London. It is a busy place.

Carriage car truck
War on the rocks

Children of war: it devastates the lives of the future leaders

Christmas ziggies
People enjoying Christmas time. Using their resources to enjoy their life.

Jailed women
Crucified and exploited women shown. Some jailed people and some running showing an unsettled place.

In Birmingham Jail
Martin Luther King Jnr was jailed here and he wrote a letter from the Birmingham jail to resist racial injustice.

Goodge Street
Goodge Street was destroyed by the Germans in 1916, but then it became the base for the Allied forces in 1917.

IIIF Manifest

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