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A Companion to the Altar (1756, 1770?)
William Vickers.
London: Printed by E. Parker for John Beedroft by Paternoster Press

The Book of Common Prayer (1662)
Printed under crown license by John Bill and Christopher Barker, this first 1662 folio edition contains an elaborately decorated title page, featuring a neo-classical basilica engraved and signed by David Loggan after original drawings by Jan Baptist…

Booke of Common Prayer (1549)
Master printer and bookseller Edward Whitchurch (d.1562), an ardent adherent of Reformation doctrines, had already associated himself with Richard Grafton to circulate Matthew's [English] Bible printed at Antwerp. In 1538 he and Grafton gave…

Book of Common Prayer printed by Whitchurche March 1549 commonly called first prayer book of Edward VI (1549, 1844 reprint)
The Maser copy of a beautiful Victorian era reprint also displayed is opened to the Communion Service. 1844 was a particularly fruitful time for prayer book design. That year William Pickering, the London Publisher famed for the beauty of his…