DUPRS_0035 Fisk Clark & Flagg Button

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DUPRS_0035 Fisk Clark & Flagg Button


Fisk Clark & Flagg (est. 1867)


Small, metal shank button about 1.5cm wide
Bar in the center reveal 2 open slots in the middle of the button
Letters legible “AGG” ‘FISK” “LARK”


Fisk Clark & Flagg, probably manufactured in New York


Selective Surface collection, West, Stanley Park, Historic Chatham Township (modern Summit, New Jersey)


Drew University, Department of Anthropology, Drew University Passaic River Survey


1867- c. 1891-1902


Ava Valentino


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Fisk, Clark & Flagg was founded in 1867 by Henry G. Fisk, Thomas R. Clark and Thomas J. Flagg, “for the purpose of manufacturing and selling gloves, neckwear and other articles of men's attire.” (Fisk v. Fisk, Clark Flagg, 37 Misc. 737, (N.Y. Misc. 1902)). The firm established a well-known name for themselves in their trade and manufacturing, producing high quality goods and becoming a leading figure in lines of gloves, furnishing goods, and shirt waists. They first began business in White Street, New York City, and then moved to several other locations in NYC throughout the decades including 690 Broadway, 686 Broadway, 5 Washington Place, and very briefly, 85 Fifth Avenue.
Being that Fisk, Clark & Flagg produced a series of premium clothing and home goods, the men and women of early Chatham belonged most likely to a higher social class. The close vicinity to NYC allowed clothing stores to be conveniently stocked with these goods, demonstrating a close connection between the distribution of goods across states and cities in America.




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