DUPRS_0039 Stafford Ink Bottle

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DUPRS_0039 Stafford Ink Bottle


S.S. Stafford Ink Bottle


The artifact is a fragment of a bottle; the base of the bottle. The width of the base is 5 ½ cm. The total height of the artifact is 8 cm. The average thickness of the glass is approximately 2/10 cm. The identifiable part of the artifact is the writing on the bottom part of the bottle. The lettering on the bottle is “S.S. Staffo/ Made in”


S.S. Stafford Ink Company, New York, USA


Selective Surface collection, east Stanley Park, Historic Chatham Township (modern Summit, New Jersey)


Drew University, Department of Anthropology, Drew University Passaic River Survey


Late 1800s to early 1900s


Juliet LaVigne




These bottles were made in the late 1800s. S.S. Stafford was making ink as early as 1858, but the company did not start producing ink commercially until 1869. If the total size of the bottle was reconstructed, a more specific date could be estimated. By understanding the size of the bottle we could look at the records and when this size of bottle was first introduced into the market.
During the 19th century, America had a booming ink industry. The ink industry included open wards of 300 different ink makers. All of them were spread out over America. Those best known were Davids, Maynards and Noyes, Carter, Underwood, Stafford, Moore, Davis, Thomas, Stanford, Barnes, Morrell, Walkden, Lyons, Freeman, Murray, Todd, Bonney, Pomeroy, Worthington, Joy, Blair, Cross, Dunlap, Higgins, Paul, Anderson, Woodmansee, Delang, Allen, Stearns, Gobel, Wallach, Bartram, Ford and Harrison. S.S. Stafford Ink Company was founded in New York. “Stafford’s Ink” combined writing and copying ink. S.S. Stafford Ink Company made an appeal in the district court of the southern district of New York. In the 1920s S.S. Stafford Ink Company was in court over a bottle stopper. They brought to court Thaddeus Davids Ink Company, arguing that Davids Ink Co. had taken their produce without prepared consent and sold it on their bottles. This shows how S.S. Stafford had become a big part of the industry. They were making new bottle designs, and also harshly competing with the other ink companies near them.



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